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Friday, October 15, 2010

"My name is Will Eccles, and I'm a mormon."

As my companion and I walk the streets and talk to everyone, people often ask us which religion we are from. I have never been more unashamed to reply," We are mormons!", in my life. Growing up, when I would be walking out the door to leave the house my dad would always say to me," Remember who you are, and don't let it get you down." Lately, I have had an opportunity to reflect on that statement. I know who I am, and I stand with Paul when he exclaimed, in Romans 1:16, "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ"!

If you haven't seen this video... you need to! Paris is a stud.  http://www.mormon.org/me/1RY0-eng

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  1. Being a "new" Mormon, I have often thought about this question...what will people think. I am old enough now that this really shouldn't matter, but it still lingers in the back of my brain. I recieved a phone call from an old friend of mine from 7th grade and I told her my news of my "new" found faith and up coming Baptism. She was so happy for my family and my two girls, then I knew this is a true friend! She told me to just be "me" that smiling, happy, hard woking woman she has always known and faith will come easy. When I tell people "I am Mormon", I have a new respect for myself since these new words, ideas, prayers have surrounded me with new faith. It is also great to know that I am supported by great friends who let me be myself, understand me for who I am and support me any way they can! I have added all the Elders into this "list" of friends, becuase without their many lessons, prayers and words of encouragment (and a huge box of books!), I wouldn't be able to proudly state "I am Mormon"!!!!