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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hello from Eureka

So today I am up in the middle of the Redwoods in a little city called Eureka.  Everything is very green.... and smells like weed...... but other than that it's great! I have been thinking about how beautiful the world around us is. Last night I had the opportunity to look out at the stars. It's been a while since I have been able to see the stars like that. It reminded me of my favorite hymn, "How great thou art". The words to that hymn have been my prayer of thanks to my father in heaven many times.When 
 "When through the woods, and forest glades I wander ,
And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees.
When I look down, from lofty mountain grandeur
and see the brook, and feel the gentle breeze. Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to thee,
How great thou art!"

My last post I wrote about how I know that there is a god through prayer, but I also see God's presence and love for me in nature. It is no coincidence that if we were but a mile closer to the sun we would burn up, or just a mile further away we would freeze to death. That math is just too perfect. Science does not have to be a stumbling block for proving that there is a god, but another witness that there must be something greater than us! Yet again Einstein said, “The more I study science the more I believe in God.”

I can't say it any better than the ancient American prophet Alma," The scriptures are laid before thee, yea, and all things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth, and all things that are upon the face of it, yea, and its motion, yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator." 

In the words of a modern day prophet,"If there is a design in this world in which we live, there must be a Designer. Who can behold the many wonders of the universe without believing that there is a design for all mankind? Who can doubt that there is a Designer?"(http://lds.org/conference/talk/display/0,5232,23-1-1207-28,00.html) I add my testimony to that of the prophets, that I know that there is a god and that he loves us.... for we are his children.

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