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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

12 Oct 2010

For this last couple of days, I have been thinking how I would start off my blog. I have asked myself how I could start off talking about something that it has taken me my entire life to understand. But as I have thought about it, my thoughts refer back to the title of this blog.... "the questions of my soul".

Whether or not we notice it we all have questions. They are embedded within us. I believe that God has specifically placed within us a question. These questions cause us to think and to try "unfold the mysteries of God." These questions in essense conduct us to find truth. Whether great or small, young or old, street smart or book smart, we can find the answers to these questions.  The purpose of my posts will be to help others to find greater peace and joy in their lives by answering these questions.

The reason I am where I am today and am doing the things that I am is because I had a question. My question was; "Does God know me?".

As a young teen, I didn't understand why my family had to go through certain trials when we were doing what the lord had been asking us to do. It didn't make sense to me, but as I began to ponder this question in my mind, my question was narrowed down to "Does God know me?". I began to do what my parents had been teaching me since I was little, I began to read the scriptures and pray. I remember one night in particular, after a hard day, getting on my knees after reading a little from the book of mormon. There in my room, for the first time I asked my father in heaven if he was there. As I knelt at my bedside, the spirit of the lord overcame me. I felt as if someone had put a blanket around me and given me a hug....  I wish there was a better way to say it.... but I felt peace. I then asked the Lord if the Book of Mormon was true, and a heard a voice in my mind say,"William, you know it is.".

Sometimes the answers to our questions are closer than we think they are. The Lord is anxious to answer them. That may sound simple, but to all those who truly seek, will find. I know that to be true.

When the solution is simple, God is answering.
                                             -Albert Einstein

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  1. Elder Eccels,
    I loved the way you described your feelings as you felt your prayers were answered. I can say I have also felt that my Father in Heaven hears my prayers and knows who I am and actually cares about what I am saying to Him through prayer. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I look forward to following what you have to say and share on this blog. Keep inspiring me! :)
    Susan Bunker