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Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Lord I'm Grateful"

My family is the greatest gift that God has given me. They are my best friends. In the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we believe that the family can be together forever.

There have been several times on my mission that while walking around I have talked with great people who love their families dearly. I ask them,"Do you want to live with your family forever?". Most of them say yes, and my follow up question is "So do the words "until death do you part" scare you? Don't you want your family for more than just until death?". A lot of the time this catches these people off guard. Most people haven't ever thought of those 5 words in that way before. But today it is my goal to explain why this concept of eternal families is so important and true to me.

Almost a year ago now, my mom announced to the family that she was pregnant. It was a big shock to me, but I was stoked. When I read my mom's email explaining to me that she was pregnant I had the feeling rush over me like I already knew my soon to be sibling. With time we found out that the baby would be a boy. Several months went by and every week I would get an update about how my little brother was doing. Everything seemed to be going great, then one day his little heart stopped beating. There was nothing we or the Doctors could do. My kid brother was still born a day or so later.

When I first heard that my brother didn't make it to this life, I was at first devastated. Like I said before I felt as if I already knew him. But as I prayed for help and understanding, I will never forget the peace that came over me. I then remember thinking, "thank the lord for his temples!!".

For those of you who are not of our faith or don't know much about it, the temple is a sacred place where a man and woman can be sealed by the power of God for time and all eternity. In the temple we do not make a contract solly until death do us part iwth our spouse, but for time and all eternity. The same Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven that was given to Peter in Matthew 16:19, have now been restored upon the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith.

I am grateful that my parents where sealed, or married, in the temple. Because of this I know, that even if I didn't have the opportunity to develope a close relationship with my little brother here, I WILL be able to in the life to come. How grateful I am to the lord for that knowledge! I know that my family is an eternal one.


  1. This is a beautiful story and such a nice photo of your family. Yes,your family will be eternally together, including your little brother. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Thanks Katy! Your family will be sealed in the temple before you know it. i'm very grateful for the opportunity that my companion and I get to visit with you and your family.